Video of Wyoming Spring Game

I chose to do my video project on the Wyoming spring football game.  Spring football is always a sign that college football is right around the corner and that is something worth getting excited about.

The game went by fast because they used a running-clock system.  The game featured the number one offense vs the number two defense and the number one defense vs the number two offense.  The offense ended up winning the game pretty handily.  Its worth noting that the scoring system being used in the game favors the offense.  Inbetween quarters they had mini-games that the offense and defense competed in.

I enjoyed the atmosphere.  College football games are so much fun and are befit for video.  However the video does not do the atmosphere justice.  Going to a college football game  is such a great experience that everyone should have a taste of at least once.

Shot of WR Chris McNeil.  Photo courtesy of

Shot of WR Chris McNeil. Photo courtesy of

I did not enjoy having to remember and move around to get good videos.  This entailed me missing a few plays here and there.  I also did not have the best camera.  I could not get as many close-ups that I would have liked to.  Some of my video looked a little pixelated as well which was a little frustrating.  Having a better camera would have been ideal.

I learned that you really have to be active to get a variety of good videos.  Staying in one place will not get the job done.  I was surprised how much of a game one camera can miss.  This is why they have multiple cameras with multiple angles at college football games because many thing can be happening all over the field that need to get documented.   I wish I had a better video camera because I believe I could have gotten better shots.

Video is a medium that is going to become more and more dominant.  People want to be able to visually see things.  If I become a sports journalists I would take videos of big field goals, the entering of the field by the team, and post game celebrations.  I would tweet these videos and also link them to my story.

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Wyoming Spring Game

I decided to live tweet the Wyoming spring game.  I decided to do this because I love Wyoming football, and having seen people on twitter cover sporting events and was intrigued about the opportunity for myself to live tweet a sporting event.

I enjoyed going to the football game.  It has been a while since the Pokes have played football so it was good to see them.  Spring football is a sign that football season is right around the corner and I love college football.  The weather was beautiful for the game and a nice size crowd was on hand to take it all in.

I did not enjoy when a play was taking place and I was busy composing a tweet.  This would result in myself missing the play and that is never a good thing.  I also got a nasty sunburn while at the game, but all in all a great experience.

I learned that tweeting a sporting event is more about the facts then being clever.  Tweets about sporting events should just be the facts with a uniform hash-tag.  When just tweeting for fun I try to be clever and funny, but that mentality was completely flipped when covering the football game.

Photo courtesy of

A shot of QB Brett Smith scoring a touchdown vs Weber State.  Photo courtesy of

I wish I had more time to attach a picture to more of my tweets.  My first tweet had a picture of the stadium, but after that I was not able to, or did not have the time to, attach a photo to the tweet.  I was not able to because the picture takes up a portion of the allotted 140 characters and did not have the time because football is a fast paced game.

Well being a journalist with a geography background I will tweet naturally significant events.  Things like tsunamis and earthquakes I can tweet as soon as I hear about them and also post relief websites and things of that nature.  If I get a sports journalist job I would do exactly what I did at the spring game.  Tweet the game to my followers who may not be able to view the game for whatever reason.

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Wyoming Cowboys 2013 Spring Football

I decided to do my project on the Wyoming football team’s spring practices. I chose to do this topic because I am an adamant Wyoming Cowboys fan and I believe that spring practice gets over looked and maybe undervalued. It is very valuable to the players and coaches to get some work done before fall camp.

It is especially valuable to new players who graduated high school a semester early and can get work done on the field before the fall when the majority of freshman join the team. A perfect case of this would be our starting quarterback Brett Smith. His freshman year he was able to participate in spring ball because he graduated high school a semester early. This gave him a distinct advantage in the quarterback battle between him and Adam Pitsner. Pitsner could not join the team until the fall and the spring experience for Brett gave him an advantage going into fall camp.  This eventually may have been the reason Brett won the job.

Both audio interviews had some variables. For instance my interview with Dave Christensen was done inside the practice facility and there is some ambient noise during the interview process. I actually viewed this as a positive because I thought it added more character to the interview and this is what I considered to be my ambient noise. My interview with Brett Smith was done along with another reporter and it was hard sometimes to get rid of all of his voice. I could not catch Brett alone because he was very busy after practice and had to get to class.

My sound slide experience had very mixed emotion. Once I got sound slides to work on a my computer it was great. The program is very user friendly. Moving slides around, jumping to any point in the show was very easy and hassle free.

Honestly I would not change much about this project. It is a good introductory into sound slides.

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Interwiew With Shane Ashe on His Hockey Career

I chose to interview my roommate Shane Ashe on the sport of hockey. I covered his hockey career and his thoughts on a key issue facing the sport today.

Editing my interview was a time consuming process. My subject used the phrase umm a lot in the interview so editing that out each and every time was a pain. Some parts of the interview were too quiet and I had to increase the sound on these parts. In contrast some of the interview was too loud and I had to quit that part down a bit. Mastering the time in between questions was challenging because I wanted it to be consistent throughout the interview and not too long so as it is an awkward silence, and not to short that the listener must keep up with what my subject is saying. All in all audacity was quite user friendly, except for a couple of times when it froze and I lost some of my work.

I learned that interviewing goes far past what meets the eye. First, you must find a relatively quite environment. Then you must devise questions that are intriguing and that will receive interesting answers form your subject. Sometimes you may nix some of your intended questions because the interview is going in a angle that was unforeseen. In this case you must devise question on the fly that fit appropriately into the conversation.

I enjoyed devising questions and conducting an interview about sports. I did not enjoy editing because of the amount of time it took to do so.

Some of the answers my subject gave were surprising. Knowing my subject pretty well kind of gave me an idea of the way he would answer but that was not always the case.

I wish audacity would not have froze as often as it did and I wish I had more time to find a basketball player and do an interview with them because I know basketball much better than I do hockey and my questions would have been much more in depth and intriguing I think.

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A Shane Ashe Spin On The Game of Hockey

I chose to interview my roommate, Shane Ashe, on the sport of hockey and his career in said sport.

The audio recorder I was very comfortable with using and the environment in which I interviewed was very quite and had very little distracting sounds.

This interviewed taught me the importance of really listening and understanding what your subject is saying on the fly. It is important to do this so that you can ask questions that you may have not written down that pertain to the answers your subject gave better than the questions you had previously written down. For example, I did not get to my last two questions that I had planned to ask because my subject led the conversation in a direction that required new/follow-up questions to be asked.

To be honest I wish that my subject would have been a little more talkative on some of the questions. Some of the questions my interviewee went wild and just gave in depth and loaded answers, and some of the questions were received with very dry uninteresting answers.

I wish I had more time to find an interviewee because I would have chose a basketball player. I would have chosen a basketball player because basketball is more interesting to me than hockey and I think I would have been able to come up with better descriptive questions that would have evoked very intriguing answers. Follow-up/on-the-fly questions would also have been easier to devise because of my vast knowledge of the sport.

All in all the interview went pretty well. On the first try I actually started to laugh which was probably attributed with the familiarity of my interviewee. Also the interview was a little short at first so I had to go back and ask a few extra questions than originally thought.

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Working With Noises

For this blog post we had to first collect several ambient sounds.  We were instructed to record inside, outside and in our living quarters.

The first sound I collected was from outside as I was walking to the library. In this clip one can hear the wind, my footsteps and people talking in the distance.

The second ambient noise I collected was of the door to my dorm. One can hear the knob turning, and later the door closing.

In this next sound of my sink in my dorm one can hear the running water and later in the clip the water pressure is turned up and that can be noticed in the volume of the sound the water makes.

This is the sound of someone typing in the library late at night. The spikes in volume is the person hitting the space bar with a little more authority probably due to a long stressful day of schoolwork.

This ambient noise is of a laundry room. In this clip one can hear the laundry being thrown around in the machines and the sound of the laundry machines door being opened and then closed.

My final ambient sound was of school supplies being used.  The first part of the clip is the sound of scissors and then the second part is of a pen being fiddled with.

The second part of this assignment was to record ourselves counting to ten, out of order, and then rearranging the numbers in order in audacity.

The purpose of this assignment was to get used to working with audacity for those who have not used it before.

This was indeed my first time working with sound editing. I am not going to lie I did not care for it too much. It is very tedious and sometimes stressful work.  Audacity is a good program to learn how to edit sound as it is relatively simple to use.  Pertaining to the journalism that I am interested in (newspaper) I do not see a big niche for sound. The ways things are going now though, everything is online, and if you can provide your viewer with some kind of sound clip that will only enhance your work.

I guess in this new age of journalism it is good to be familiar, and at-least know how to edit sound. The only thing I fear about this is people will rather listen to a story than read it and this could lead to a decline in the appreciation for value of the written word.

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The Things That Catch One’s Eye At UW

Richard Gilmore, junior, is fatigued from studying so decides to take a quick power nap in Coe Library.

Effects of Too Much Studying.  Richard Gilmore is fatigued from studying so decides to take a quick power nap in Coe Library.

I was walking through Coe Library for an evening study session when I came across this gentlemen sleeping on his desk with all of his supplies sprawled out around him.  The photo was easy to get because the subject was stationary.  I believe framing and viewpoint were used in this photo.  The man is framed somewhat in this picture by the desk and the view point from which I was taking it gives this photo a unique feel, looking down on the sleeping man.

Water Polo players, Willy Ratz and Christian Douglas, go hiking/rock-climbing near Laramie before a pick-up match with Colorado State.

Warm-Up Climb.  Water Polo players, Willy Ratz (right) and Christian Douglas (left), go hiking/rock-climbing near Laramie before a pick-up match with Colorado State.

I was out hiking near Laramie and saw a small group of people hiking on the rocks as well so I snapped a few photos.  The photos were somewhat tough to take because of the terrain being icy, and my subjects kept moving around.  This was my favorite shot because it frames the two subjects in the photo nicely and it shows their facial expressions when climbing , very focused and always looking down at their feet.  I think this photo utilizes depth with the rocks and the subjects in comparisons to the rocks.

Looking down the isle and onto the court of the women's Wyoming vs San Diego State game.  The battle for second place in the Mountain West

Battle for Top-Tier Seeding for The Mountain West Tourney.  Looking down the isle and onto the court of the women’s Wyoming vs San Diego State game. The battle for second place in the Mountain West.

I attended the Wyoming vs San Diego State women’s basketball game at the AA.  As I was walking down to my seat, I decided to take a picture of the isle leading down to the court.  The atmosphere when I arrived at the dome was quite mellow.  When the game got under way the crowd got into it and it made for a fun setting.  I really wanted to get a shot of the Cowgirls warming up before the game because it shows a shot of the game that the T.V does not cover and that many fans will not see if they do not get to the game early.  I believe that the railing leads one’s eye down onto the court where the players are warming up, therefore using the technique of leading lines.

Kyle Parker (left) and Billy Davis (right) talk over their group project whose due date is quickly approaching.

Getting Everything Squared Away.  Kyle Parker (left) and Billy Davis (right) talk over their group project whose due date is quickly approaching.

During a break in my Images of Wyoming and the West class, two of my classmates starting to talk over their group project.  I though this was a great photo because it shows one guy (Billy) talking to another guy (Kyle) who is writing down important information regarding a group project.  This photo was not that difficult to get because it was right in front of me and in a spur of the moment situation.  This photo in my opinion utilizes the technique of background because the background is a pale color with few, if an, distracting items and the subjects are wearing colors that really make them stand out in the photo.

Senior, Brett Casanove, studies at a desk in the basement of the geology library.

Geology Library, A Hidden Gem.  Brett Casanove, studies at a desk in the basement of the geology library.

This photo I took while studying at the geology library.  This shot was another photo where I just saw an opportunity for a good photo and snapped one.  This photo illustrates the idea of pattern and texture with the railing appearing to be just under the man’s nose.  This photo was unlike any other and my favorite.  It was really interesting that I only caught his upper face and the railing I think that adds an interesting element.

This project really help me understand what goes into finding and taking a good photo.  You must capture emotion, this is what makes a picture strong.  I wish I would have taken more angles of the photos, but that is hard because your subjects are always moving around and by the time you relocate your photo may be gone.  I was surprised on how many photos I took, and how many photos were worthy of selection for the assignment.  Capturing people really is great for a photo because people add so much to a photo.  Whether that be emotion, action or intrigue, people can add a lot of elements to your shot.

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